South Carolina Secretary of State LLC Search & Lookup

Step 1 – Go to the South Carolina Secretary of State.

South Carolina Start Page

Step 2 – Type in either the name of the LLC you are looking for or the registered agent. If doing a search by company name be sure to use as many terms as possible in order to lower the amount of results. If you do use only broad search terms, chances are the system will return hundreds of entities that you will have to sort through.

Search Results Page

Step 3 – You will now see all the results that match the terms entered from the Secretary of State. Sort through the listings and once you have found your Limited Liability Company click on the clue text link (Name) and you will be brought to it’s data page.

Entity Details Page

Step 3 – You have now made it to the Entity Information Page that shows all the information located at the Secretary of State’s office about the LLC including it’s: Domestic/Foreign, Status, State of Organization, Registered Agent Name, Registered Agent Address, Filing Date, Effective Date, Dissolved Date, and the Company’s Filing History.

Reserve an LLC Name
The applicant applies to reserve the exclusive use of a Limited Liability Company name (including in
accordance with Section 33-44-1005 of the 1976 South Carolina Code of Laws) by following the steps below:

Step 1 – Download and complete the Name Application.

Step 2 – Attach a check for $25 and send to:
Secretary of State
1205 Pendleton Street Suite 525
Columbia SC 29201

United States