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Oregon Secretary of State Business Database allows a user to Search by the following Entities: Business Trusts, Cooperatives, Corporations, Limited Liability Companies (LLC), Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP), and Limited Partnerships (LP). Use this tool to also check to see if a name is available before incorporating.

Oregon Secretary of State Corporation Entity Search

Step 1 – Go to the Oregon Secretary of State.

Step 2 – This is the default and most common place to lookup a corporation online. Use the By Business or By Individual tools if you would like to use a more advanced search option.
When searching by name – It is highly recommended that the user is as descriptive in their terms entered as possible. The database will match and show all entities that match the keywords entered.

Step 3 – When the database returns your matching results, you will be able to view the entity’s: Type, Registry Number, Name Status, and Name. To see all the data on file with the Secretary of State you must click on the Name in the blue text link.

Step 4 – You have reached the end of the search process and are able to view all the information on file including the corporation’s: Associated Names, Principal Place of Business, Registered Agent Name, Registered Agent Address, and Previous Filings with some of the images being available for view.

Oregon Secretary of State LLC Search & Lookup

Step 1 – Go to the Oregon Secretary of State.

Oregon Start Page

Step 2 – If you do not want to use the default search by name, you may also do an advanced lookup by an Associated Business or by an Individual.
If you use the default method – Be sure to use as many terms describing the entity you are looking for as possible. The system will return all entities that match your terms, so if your query is broad, you may be looking at sorting through many listings.

Oregon Listing Results

Step 3 – While reviewing your listings, you will be able to view the Limited Liability Company’s: Type, Status, Registration Number, Name Status, and official Name. Click on the Registration Number in order to see the full set of data listed with the Secretary of State.

Oregon Entity Information Page

Step 4 – At this point you have found your desired entity and may be able to view the LLC’s: Principal Place of Business, Members, Officers, Registered Agent Name, Registered Agent Address, Images of Previous Filings, and the option to Order Copies.

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