Ohio Secretary of State LLC Search

Step 1 – Go to the Ohio Secretary of State.

Ohio Start Page

Step 2 – The default search option is by an LLC name, although you may also lookup a company by Number, Registered Agent, or by the Prior Business Name.
Be sure that when you are looking up your company by name that you include as many keywords as possible. The database will return all listings that contain your terms entered.

Listings By Page

Step 3 – When you have reached the listings page where you will see a preview of the entity’s: Number, Name, Type, Formation Date, Expiration Date, Status, and Business Location.
Click on the Company Number in the black text link to get further data

Company Details

Step 4 – You are now able to view all the information on file with the Secretary of State including the Limited Liability Company’s: Number, Name, Type, Status, Formation Date, Registered Agent, Incorporator, and also able to view images of previous filings.

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