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The New Hampshire Secretary of State allows for a user to Search the Business Entity Database by; Corporation, Limited Liability Company (LLC), Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), and Limited Partnership (LP). Use this as a way to not only look up owner information but as a Name Availability Tool.

New Hampshire Secretary of State Corporation Entity Search

Step 1 – Go to the New Hampshire Secretary of State.

Step 2 – You have the option to search for your corporation by entity:
Name – Most Popular – Make sure if you use this option that you type in as many keywords as possible. The system will return all results matching the terms so if you make a broad search chances are you will be sorting through hundreds of entries.
Business ID
Registered Agent

Step 3 – After making your query, you will have a list of entities that match your terms selected. You are able to preview the corporation’s name, business id, type, status, and creation date. Click on the name in a blue text link which will bring you to the information page.

Step 4 – You are now able to view all the data on file with the Secretary of State including business; name history, identification number, incorporation date, principal office address, and previously filed documents.
*If you cannot find your information you were looking for – Click on the ‘Filed Documents’ tab above and look-up the articles of incorporation, this form will usually have more information about the corporation.

Reserve a Corporation Name in New Hampshire
This is for a user that would like to reserve an entity name in New Hampshire before incorporating. If approved, the name will be saved for one hundred and twenty (120) days.

Step 1 – Download and fill in the Application.

Step 2 – Attach the $15 filing fee and send to the Secretary of State at:
Corporation Division, Department of State, 107 North Main Street, Concord NH 03301-4989.

New Hampshire Secretary of State LLC Search & Lookup

Step 1 – Go to the New Hampshire Secretary of State.

New Hampshire Search Page
Step 2 – Before looking up your LLC you have a few options, you may search by:
Name – Make sure when you are searching by name, if the name is not unique, that you must be as descriptive as possible to make sure you return the least amount of results. The database will pull all entities that match your keywords entered.
ID Number
Registered Agent Name

New Hampshire Results Page

Step 3 – As you can see in the above image, the Secretary of State gives you a preview when reviewing your results of the entity’s: Name, ID Number, Type, Status, and Formation Date. This is shown to help you fing your company if there are close or duplicate names.

NH Information Page

Step 4 – After clicking on the blue text link of your desired LLC, you will be able to view all the information including the company’s: name, business id, status, formation date, principal office address, last annual report filed, agent name, agent address, and all previously filed documents with the Secretary of State.

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