Missouri Secretary of State LLC Search & Lookup

Step 1 – Go to the Missouri Secretary of State.


Step 2 – Use this page to select how you would like to search for an LLC. Find by:
LLC Name – Most popular option. Make sure to type in as many keywords as you can in order to narrow down the results as much as possible.
Charter Number
Registered Agent – Legal representative for the entity.

Step 3 – You are able to look-up a few different ways by terms such as: starting with, all words, corporate name availability, sounds like, exact match, and only active companies.

Results Page

Step 4 – After initiating your search, you will be able to view the results and preview the LLC’s: Name, Charter Number, Type, Status, and Creation Date. Click on the name or number of your selected entity in order to view all it’s data.

Information Page

Step 5 – You have completed your search and may now view the all the information located at the Secretary of State’s office including; Business Name, Charter Number, Status, Formation Date, State of Formation, Expiration Date, Registered Agent Name, Registered Address, and Organizers.

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