Indiana Secretary of State Corporation Entity Search

Step 1 – Go to the Indiana Secretary of State.

Step 2 – Search corporations by Name or Client ID. When searching, you will want to type as many keywords as possible as the database will return every business entity with the selected terms.

Step 3 – On the query results page the database will pull a maximum of 5,000 records starting in alphabetical order. If you have returned too many to go through you may want to go back and make a more specific search.
The Secretary of State gives us a preview of the entity’s: name, type, and city/state of principal office address. Click on the corporation that best matches what you are trying to find.

Step 4 – On the entity current information page you can view all data on file with the Secretary of State including but not limited to: legal entity name and address, control number, status, type, incorporation date, expiration date, fictitious name, and the option for other services such as document lookup.
Your search is complete.

How to Create a Corporation in Indiana

Step 1 – Download and complete one of the Articles of Incorporation forms below:
Domestic ProfitFile Online – $90 – Allows for the formation of a corporation with the only requirement being the Principal Office Address must be in Indiana.
Domestic Non ProfitFile Online – $30
Foreign Profit – $90 – Allows a corporation located in another State to transact business within Indiana.
Foreign Non Profit – $30
Professional – $90 – For applicants that are certified professionals such as lawyers and doctors who wish to incorporate.

Step 2 – Attach the required filing fee (payable to the Indiana Secretary of State) and to the completed document and send to: CORPORATIONS DIVISION, 302 W. Washington Street Rm. E018, Indianapolis, IN 46204.

Step 3 – After receiving your completed formation documents in the mail (estimated 10 to 14 business days), you will want to create an EIN Number in order to open a bank account. Apply online.

Reserve a Corporation Name
Step 1 – Download the Application For Reservation of Exclusive Use of Corporate Name or Fill in Online.

Step 2 – If filling in online you will have to pay the $20 filing fee at completion. If paper filing, enclose a check and send to the following address: Business Services Division, 302 W. Washington Street Room E018, Indianapolis, IN 46204.

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