Arkansas Secretary of State LLC Search & Lookup

Step 1 – Go to the Arkansas Secretary of State.

Step 2 – You will see a screen that looks like the picture below that will allow you to search LLC’s by: Name, Fictitious Name, Registered Agent’s Name, Registered Agent’s city, and Filing Number.

Search By Name Here

Search By Name Here

Step 3 – Type in the selected LLC name that you intend on looking up and click on the search button or press enter on your keyboard.
*For our sample search we will be searching the term ‘Arkansas’.

Arkansas LLC Search Results

Arkansas LLC Search Results

Step 4 – Now you will see the results of your search with all the entities that matched the keyword you entered. This view also lets you see the City, State and status of the entity. As you can see below, our search of the term ‘Arkansas’ brought us just over 17,000+ entries. If you were looking for a specific LLC, you would want to specify a bit more in your search to narrow down the results.
Click on the selected LLC that you we’re searching, we are going to click on the 1st result which is the ‘#1 Home Inspection Service of Arkansas, LLC’.

Sample Arkansas Entity Information

Step 5 – The above picture is the entity’s LLC card which has all the information listed with the Secretary of State.

How to Create an LLC in Arkansas

Step 1 – Fill out the Articles of Organization. Download one below or you can fill it out online.
DomesticFile Online – Most popular.
ForeignFile Online – For all LLC’s that are located outside the State and would like to be able to conduct business in Arkansas.

Step 2 – After filling out the form you will be required to pay the filing fee ($50 for Domestic and $300 for Foreign).
If you are doing a paper filing attach the fee (check payable to the Arkansas Secretary of State) and send to: Business & Commercial Services, 250 Victory Building, 1401 W. Capitol, Little Rock, Arkansas 72201-1094.

How to Reserve an LLC Name

Step 1Download the LLC Name Reservation Form or File Online

Step 2 – Pay the $25 filing fee.
If the applicant is applying via standard mail, attach a check payable to the Arkansas Secretary of State and send to the following address: Business & Commercial Services, 250 Victory Building, 1401 W. Capitol, Little Rock State Capitol • Little Rock, Arkansas 72201-1094.

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