Arizona Secretary of State LLC Search

Step 1 – Go to The Arizona Secretary of State.

Step 2 – Type in the name of the LLC you are searching. You should see a screen and be typing in the field highlighted in blue below.

Arizona LLC Search

Arizona LLC Search

Step 3 – Just as an example, we are going to type in the name ‘Arizona’ to see what that bring up in the picture below. Your results will look allot like this and you may scroll down and select the LLC desired. Just for our purposes we are going to select the 1st LLC which is the 3rd entity down on our list titled, ‘Arizona Abstract and Research Company, LLC‘.

Search Arizona in the LLC Database

Search Arizona in the LLC Database

Step 4 – After clicking on the name (as you can see below) all the information regarding the LLC can be found including the place of business, owner’s information, and the status with the Secretary of State.

Snapshot of Arizona Entity Information

Snapshot of Arizona Entity Information

How to Make an LLC in Arizona

Step 1 – Decide if the LLC you are creating is a Domestic (In-State) or Foreign (Outside) the State and download the preferred Articles of Organization below:

Step 2 – Fill in these other forms which are required for formation in Arizona:
Cover Sheet
Member Structure AttachmentStatutory Agent AcceptanceAttach a check for $50 (Domestic) or $150 (foreign) payable to the Arizona Secretary of State Office.
Step 3 – Send all documents and fee to the Secretary of State’s office located at Arizona Corporation Commission, Corporate Filings Section, 1300 W. Washington St.Phoenix, Arizona 85007.

How to Reserve an LLC Name in Arizona
Step 1 – Download and complete the Arizona LLC Name Reservation Form.

Step 2 – Attach the $10 filing fee and send to the Secretary of State’s office located at Arizona Corporation Commission, Corporate Filings Section, 1300 W. Washington Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85007.

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