Alabama Secretary of State Corporation Entity Name Search

Step 1 – Go to the Alabama Secretary of State.

Step 2 – You should be brought to a webpage that looks like the one on the video below. From here you may search all corporation names and entities that exist or existed in Alabama.
You have the option to lookup a corporation by:
Entity Name – Most Popular.
Entity Number
Month and Year (of Incorporation)
Highly Recommended – When typing in your keywords for any one of these options that you be as descriptive as possible. The database will return all results that match your query terms.

Use this form if you are seeking to reserve a corporation name. Attach a check for $10 ($25 to Expedite) and send to the Secretary of State located at:
PO Box 5616,
Montgomery, AL 36103

If you are looking to create a corporation after checking the names database you may use one of the articles of incorporation forms below. Attach the $40 filing fee (made payable to the Secretary of State) and send to the Probate Court’s office where you reside.

Domestic Profit Articles of Incorporation – Most popular for residents.
Domestic Non Profit Articles of Incorporation
Foreign Articles of Incorporation

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